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Fortress White Paper More Effective Fire Retardant

How Fire Retardants Work

Unlike standard fire retardants, Fortress products use magnesium chloride (MgCl2) as the active fire retarding component. Magnesium chloride has distinct chemical advantages over standard ammonium phosphate retardants, bringing new and improved firefighting capabilities to the flame front. Learn more in this White Paper. Get Access

Fortress White Paper Better For The Environment

Environmental Impact of Fire Retardants

Magnesium chloride offers a cleaner, safer, and more effective alternative to the ammonium phosphate chemicals that have been the industry standard for the last six decades. This White Paper reviews the known environmental effects of magnesium chloride and ammonium phosphate, and draws comparisons between them derived from scientific literature. Get Access

Fortress White Paper Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint of Fire Retardants

Pound for pound, our magnesium chloride production method uses a fraction of the energy, fossil fuel, and freshwater that ammonium phosphate requires, emitting less than 10% of the greenhouse gases. This White Paper compares the production methods of magnesium chloride- and ammonium phosphate-based fire retardants, with a pointed emphasis on the environmental impact of each industry. Get Access

Fortress White Paper Retardant Performance Testing

Retardant Performance Testing

These info sheets summarize the official FR-100 and FR-200 test results required for USFS product qualification. Comparative data from standard ammonium phosphate-based fire retardants is provided using publicly available sources, highlighting where Fortress fire retardants have a clear advantage. Get Access

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