The FortreSs Ethos

Saving Lives, Lands, Property and Planet

We Are Fortress

The red cloud of an aerial retardant attack has become an iconic image in the war on wildfires. We depend on chemical fire retardants to slow the spread of flames, and to give our firefighters the tactical advantage they need to move into position and fight back. With the upward trend in annual fire retardant use, the technology that we use to fight wildfires is more important now than ever before, but fire retardants haven’t seen a major innovation for nearly sixty years. A single industry standard has emerged, supplying the bulk of the world’s firefighters with the same standard issue chemicals – chemicals that have attracted a substantial amount of criticism from environmental researchers, agencies, and litigators over the years for their role in fish toxicity, freshwater eutrophication, and fertilizing invasive vegetation.

When we started Fortress in 2014, we started with a very simple problem statement: can we develop a fire retardant that’s more effective and better for the environment? Through extensive research, lean product development and rigorous testing, we’ve answered with a comprehensive offering of innovative retardant formulas for aerial attacks, ground applications, and home defense. It’s no coincidence that Fortress is led by a team of veteran fire professionals. Through superior firefighting technology, we’ve made it our mission to save lives, land, property, and planet. We share the urgency of our fire crews on the frontlines, and we’re working tirelessly to make our superior fire retardants the new standard in the war on wildfires.

The Fortress Ethos

By developing eco-sensitive, sustainable, and more effective fire retardants, Fortress is reinventing how we fight wildfires in our home states of California and Montana, throughout the United States, and all around the world.

We will accomplish this by:

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Creating the Most Environmentally Safe Fire Retardants
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Constantly Innovating
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Designing the Highest Performing Products
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Promoting Advancements in Application Technologies
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