Long-Term Efficacy


Longevity is an important attribute of long-term fire retardants. The ideal retardant remains active throughout the fire season such that defense is maximized while the effort of maintaining effective fire defense is minimized. This is especially true when it comes to preventative ground treatments, where retardant is precisely applied to protect specific structures.

Hygroscopic Recharge

The ultra long-term, durable nature of Fortress products is owed in part to their unique hygroscopic properties. Not only do our formulations chemically bind and retain water longer than any other retardant chemicals, they also have the distinct advantage of being self re-hydrating when humidity is above 33%. In the typical fire zone climate, this means that a Fortress product cyclically rehydrates every evening such that it is ready to prevent ignitions and retard fire spread throughout the fire season. As it rehydrates, the moisture that Fortress retardant accumulates is redistributed to the wildland fuels it rests on, effectively raising the moisture levels of fuels and further lowering the likelihood of ignition over long stretches of time.

Based on previous studies, our ground optimized retardants are estimated to have an effective rain resistance of 1.75 to 2.0 inches depending on application levels.

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