Next-Gen Aerial Retardant

FORTRESS fR-300 Dry Fixed Tank LTR

FORTRESS FR-300 is our aerial dry powder long-term retardant purpose-built for fixed tank helicopters. FORTRESS FR-300 has a medium viscosity rating and high-visibility (HV) fluorescent coloring. FORTRESS FR-300 features our unique magnesium chloride formulation, which means that it's more effective, safer for the environment, and more durable than conventional, fertilizer-based retardants. This product is currently in development.

FORTRESS FR-300 Retardant properties

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Late Stage Development

Currently in development.

Dry Powder Concentrate

Designed for dry bulk storage and dry base operations.

Optimized for Fixed Tank Helicopter Use

Engineered for stronger fire barriers and superior fire control. Purpose-built for fixed tank helicopters.

Medium Viscosity

Gum-thickened medium viscosity for improved drop characteristics.

High-Visibility Fluorescent Fugitive Coloring

Provides higher visibility during the day and at night, and fades over time when exposed to sunlight.

Hygroscopic Recharge

Self-hydrating when humidity exceeds 35%, enabling better fuel coverage, more effective fire suppression, and extended durability.


Not a fertilizer, does not contribute to the growth of flammable vegetation or freshwater eutrophication, does not contain any biocides, and is significantly less toxic to fish.

Corrosion Inhibited

Corrosion inhibitor package minimizes corrosion on steel, brass and aluminum, making it safe for use around steel utility infrastructure.

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