June 16, 2021  |  Press Release

Fortress North America delivers the first air tanker load of its next generation FR-100 at Missoula Air Tanker Base

FORTRESS FR-100 was successfully loaded onto Neptune Aviation Tanker 01 and dropped on a live fire, setting up the first use of a new brand/formula of long-term aerial fire retardant in over two decades.

Press Release: Fortress North America Delivers First Air Tanker Load of FR-100 at Missoula Air Tanker Base: Air Tanker

Missoula, MT. – 3,000 gallons of FORTRESS® FR-100 was loaded onto Neptune Tanker 01 at the Missoula Air Tanker Base at about 10:30 AM CT on Wednesday, June 16, and subsequently dropped on the Robertson Draw Fire near Red Lodge, MT.

FR-100 is the first of FORTRESS’ portfolio of new chemistry fire retardant products being field tested by the U.S. Forest Service during the 2021 wildfire season at the Missoula Air Tanker Base. FR-100 retardant, with its high-visibility red color, marks the beginning of a stream of revolutionary new fire retardant chemistry technologies from FORTRESS.

FORTRESS FR-100, along with other FORTRESS’ products are all subject to the extensive testing regimen of the US Forest Service Wildland Fire Chemicals System laboratory in Missoula. The tests demonstrated conclusively the safety and efficacy of the products for use in combating today’s wildland fires.

FORTRESS staff, working alongside US Forest Service air base personnel, had pre-mixed over 10,000 gallons of FR-100 in preparation for wildfire activity in the area. Approximately 3,000 gallons of FR-100 was loaded onto Tanker 01. In a fitting coincidence, Tanker 01 was carrying the very first load of FR-100. Tanker 01 was headed to the Mt. CGF Robertson Draw fire, which had already consumed over 20,000 acres of forest in southern Montana.


With corporate locations in Montana and California, FORTRESS is a new and innovative fire retardant company that develops and manufactures the FORTRESS family of “next generation” long term fire retardants. Engineered for environmental safety and superior efficacy, the FORTRESS products have proven to be strong performers throughout government testing and now on live wildfires.

Media Contact: Erin Fox, info@fortressfrs.com
More info: fortressfrs.com

Press Release: Fortress North America Delivers First Air Tanker Load of FR-100 at Missoula Air Tanker Base: Air Tanker LoadMEDIA >
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