September 19, 2022  |  Press Release

Fortress Commences Final Field Testing of its Next Generation FR-105 High Visibility Dry Powder Retardant

Missoula, MT. – Fortress has commenced operational field testing of its next generation FR-105 HV long-term fire retardant. The Operational Field Evaluation (OFE) is the final test required by the United States Forest Service for full product qualification.

Ronan Fortress Aerial Fire Retardant Team

FR-105 HV iterates on the flagship FR-100 dry powder formulation by providing high visibility (HV) fluorescent coloring to assist with both daytime and nighttime firefighting operations. FR-105 also improves on the environmental and safety profile of its predecessor.

Prior to field evaluation, FR-105 passed all laboratory testing required by the USFS, demonstrating the product’s safety, efficacy, and suitability for use in aerial wildfire combat. According to official Forest Service testing, FR-105 has the lowest aquatic toxicity rating of any aerial dry powder fire retardant on the Forest Service’s Qualified Products List (QPL) and best-in-class anti-corrosion characteristics.

About Fortress

Founded in 2016 with corporate locations in California and Montana, FORTRESS is a new and innovative fire-retardant company that has designed and developed the FORTRESS family of chemically advanced “next generation” long-term fire retardants, engineered for environmental safety and superior efficacy.

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