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Utility Applications

Fortress has developed a line of specially formulated retardant products for utility applications. These products are ground applied, environmentally safe and represent a smart and cost-effective means for proactively arresting wildfire ignitions at their source, before they are able to spread.  

Electrical power and rail transport are two of the many industries whose equipment and infrastructure are prone to causing wildland fires. While liability laws vary by jurisdiction, damages caused by wildland fires can be financially and reputationally devastating to the responsible party. At the same time, many utility companies depend on infrastructure that transverses high-risk fire zones. Fortress’ products provide a low-cost means of stopping dangerous ignition hot points before they become uncontrollable fire events. Our products can also be used to establish containment lines in the event of an encroaching fire, potentially saving tens of millions of dollars of possible fire damage.

Fortress retardants are affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly, making them the ideal solution for utility companies dedicated to preventing fires along extensive power corridors and rights-of-way, and to protect critical infrastructure like poles, tracks, water flumes, and bridges.

Learn how fire retardant can be deployed at scale in the feature below from NBC 7 San Diego.

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