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Individual homeowners and commercial property owners at the wildland urban interface (WUI) are all too familiar with the annual fire threats to their homes, their businesses, and their communities. Thousands of homes are destroyed every year by wildfires, devastating private property and displacing families.

We’ve developed special formulations of our long-term fire retardant technology that are fine-tuned specifically for home defense. Our residential retardants are designed to protect both structures and vegetation from ignition, with eco-friendly chemicals that retain their fire suppression capabilities even after they dry. Because of their unique chemical properties, Fortress retardants are ultra-durable if left in place, lasting for several months even through multiple rain cycles. Taken together with our retardant application kit (in development), Fortress will give homeowners the tools they need to effectively protect their property against wildfires.

Fortress Fire Retardant Systems has also partnered with Fortress Wildfire Insurance Group to offer comprehensive wildfire property insurance to home and business owners across the state of California. By combining Fortress’ retardants with an active fire risk protection service offering, the Fortress team stands ready to protect and defend residential properties. If you are interested in learning more about Fortress Wildfire Insurance and their fire protection services, please contact us here.

See first hand how effective Fortress products are as the reporting team from KCRA-TV in Sacramento puts them to the test on flammable fences and common wildfire fuels.

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If you would like more information about Fortress fire retardants, please contact:

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